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CoverCorps was founded to bring licensed agents into the gig economy by fostering a new wave of entrepreneurialism in the insurance distribution business. We are a nationally licensed property and casualty retail and wholesale agency built on a technologic platform to embrace the digital economy. The Corps has developed a distributive technology platform to connect commercial insurance buyers with our licensed agents. With access to more than 100 commercial carriers, our placement unit provides markets for some of the most challenging of risks.

How it works

CoverCorps has developed an array of digital assets to engage commercial insurance customers and provide a user experience focused on the agent/customer relationship. We operate on every major marketing platform to provide our network with an instantaneous interaction with customers. It's simple, we bring you clients to close and we share the commission. We set you up with a website, an email address and a CRM to manage your clients. Alternatively, if you bring us clients we will place the business through our network of markets and programs.

Our Vision

  • Create a platform for digitally forward agents to establish or build their own business.
  • Provide technology that leverages the collective power of the Corps. This network effect allows sophisticated digital marking campaigns to be effectively used by the smallest of agencies.
  • We believe we can level the technological playing field for the independent agent and simultaneously foster a new wave of entrepreneurialism in the insurance distribution business.

Who should join the Corps?

  • We are looking for entrepreneurs that want to build and grow an insurance agency for the digital world.
  • We are looking for agents who want the ability to expand the scope of their business and grow revenues, while increasing operational freedom.

The opportunity

  • Build an insurance agency the fits your lifestyle and financial requirements.
  • We are looking to recruit new agents for the Corps now.

Who are we looking for?

  • Licensed agents with an entrepreneurial passion.
  • Agents who embrace technology for its ability to level the playing field.
  • Agent that want the flexibility in their life to work when and where they want.

What is the proposition?

  • The Corps is building a network of independent agents who will get access to our platform to write new business. The Corps has a portfolio of digital assets that engage potential customers during the process of purchasing of commercial insurance policies. When the individual agent wants to be available to get live leads, they just sign on to the platform. Live leads that are generated by our digital assets will be distributed to the members of the Corps. When a customer asks to connect with an agent, a number of agents will be simultaneously notified. The first agent to respond will get the customer and collected information sent to them as an exclusive lead. This allow for an instantaneous user experience. Most importantly the responsiveness of the agent dramatically increases the probability of a successful sale.
  • As a member of the Corps, the leads are free. If a successful sale is made with a CoverCorps lead, the closing agent will receive a high percentage of the gross commission. The closing agent will continue to get a percentage of the renewal commission for the first and second renewal of the policy.
  • If an agent brings a lead to the CoverCorps platform, our placement team allows for seamless placement of your accounts. We provide you with all of the placement forms and you will receive a higher percentage of the commission. Agents who bring CoverCorps business will receive a priority with more business leads.

What are the economics of enlisting in the Corps?

  • No membership fee.
  • No minimum premium requirements.
  • No exit fee
  • Free access to technology

As a member of the Corps, agent will get an array of benefits including

  • A proprietary CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform
  • Placement support
  • Website design and hosting
  • Localized search leads
  • National leads based on skillsets or geography
  • Agency software
  • Form center access
  • Sales training
  • Technology training
  • Access to a wide array of carriers and programs
  • No minimum premium requirements

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